Never forget your Passwords...

Do you have hundreds of passwords and PINs and really can't remember all of them? Well, then PocketPasswords is for you. This easy to use tools enables you to store all of your passwords and PINs on your Pocket PC.

An easy to remember master password protects all of your individual passwords. And, even better: password protected web sites can be opened directly from PocketPasswords with a single click - no need to type long sequences! This and more for just 19.99$.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, try it - a free, full featured 14 day trial version is available for download!

PocketPasswords 2.0 Final released! Added new "Sorting" Feature, "Encryption" Enabled, Faster loading time - and much more! [more...]

Interested in unlimited free updates and priority support? Here is good news: Adiscon's UpgradeInsurance, available immediately. [more...]

PocketPassords is also available in German language

PocketPasswords is a life saver for all of us that have hundreds of passwords to remember!

Rainer Gerhards, President, Adiscon

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