How to fix 'Could not find resource assembly' error?

Created on 2006-03-15 by Andre Lorbach

If you recently reinstalled PocketPasswords, or installed PocketPasswords on a new device and copied your data back, you might receive the error "Unknown Exception occurred Could not find resource assembly".

  • Why does this error happen?

PocketPasswords stores the Information if password encryption is enabled or not into the local registry of the device. Now you create a backup of your password data xml files, and then reinstall PocketPasswords. Or you got a new device and you are trying to copy your data over to the new device. What happens is that after installation, PocketPasswords has password encryption disabled. When you copy your data files back, it tries to read them and aborts with the error message as shown above.

  • How to fix the problem?

In order to avoid the problem, please follow these steps ( I assume that you still have a working copy/backup of your password data xml files):

  1. Uninstall PocketPasswords and make sure the \program files\PocketPasswords folder is empty.
  2. Reinstall PocketPasswords again. Do NOT copy the password data xml files back, not yet!
  3. Start PocketPasswords, and define a password. It doesn't have to be the same as you used before, we just need it to enable password encryption.
  4. Once this is done, restart your PDA. Alternative, you can close PocketPasswords through the task manager. The point is, PocketPasswords has to be fully stopped.
  5. Now copy your backup password data xml files back and start PocketPasswords. You should now be able to successfully login with your password.



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